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Click here to see this video I sent to my customers in 2005.

Best Donkey Christmas Video 2005



Have you got "Donkey Fever?"

If you can't resist their fuzzy faces or great personality 
and are ready to see miniature donkeys in your pasture contact me.

 With 12 years of experience, 
I specialize in helping
new miniature donkey owners.

Following NMDA guidelines, 
I enjoy making sure that you get the correct information 
about quality, breeding, ranch set up, health care, feeding 
and more for your new donkeys.

Whether you  just want a couple of miniature donkeys as pets 
or you want to start your own breeding herd,
when purchasing a donkey from Satroma Ranch you will get help 
with a comprehensive plan for your animals. - Liz


For donkey care tips see my new blog at


How Precious!!!

Meet "Fauntleroy" our latest jack foal out of Mindy by Tarmac

Born July 17, 2010

for sale with his mom, Mindy


Just Beautiful Miniature Donkeys...

For wormers and vaccines I order online from

Click here for


We are a Registered Miniature Donkey breeding facility in Texas.

Purchasing a Mediterranean Miniature donkey from Satroma Ranch means 
that you will have a friendly
 socialized animal, that has been trained to lead with the brand new adjustable halter 
and new lead rope we provide. 
Your Miniature donkey will have up-to-date shots, worming and 
hoof trims plus vet proof of negative coggins.  

As a new owner you will receive an info packet on how to care for your Miniature donkey
and for new breeders, a book with invaluable information.
I will be here to answer any of your questions after you get
those precious little Miniature donkeys home. - Liz

More photos on facebook at


Also listed as Texas Mini Donkeys and Texas Miniature Donkeys

To everyone interested in raising Miniature donkeys for the first time.
Please read the Donkey Care page.
It has lots of useful information that will
answer some of your questions about caring for
these precious Miniature donkeys.

Satroma Ranch Miniature Donkeys

Mel and Liz Cole

852 N FM 1194

Lufkin TX  75904-0505


Email Liz

Latest update 12/14/2010

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Miniature donkeys at Satroma Ranch, Lufkin TX

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